Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Double Star - Gamma Ari (Aries)

-Scope: Edu-Sci 50mm refractor
-Condition : Clear & Windy

Double star at Aries (Mesarthim), just able to split this double stars with 8mm eyepiece (45x). Appears to be of same magnitude, colours not apparent through a 50mm scope.

*On closer inspection with a 4mm at 90x, the yellow double is evident if observed carefully! The challenge now is to see if you're able to observe the colours for this double with your 50mm or 60mm scope. Have fun..


Info from web: 

-The system is 204 light years distant and composed of a binary star with components separated with an angular distance of 7.5 arcseconds (separable in small telescopes). Both components are white A-type main sequence stars and have apparent magnitudes of +4.52 and +4.58. The brighter is known as γ2 Arietis and the dimmer γ1 Arietis. The orbital period of the binary is greater than 5000 years.

-Although they were very closely spaced, with the 26mm (48x) eyepiece in the ETX-90, I could split this double. In the 17mm (74x) eyepiece, Gam Ari appears as a closely spaced pair of stars of equal magnitude. The primary is a yellow color and the secondary is a contrasting bright blue color. The contrasting colors resemble the double star Alberio (Bet Cyg) in the constellation Cygnus. (ETX90)

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