Thursday, April 3, 2008

Observing aids for small to medium telescopes

The Lunar 100 card and the DeepMap600 (revised edition)
was recently purchased from Astrobargains.
The Lunar card list 100 features of our Moon in increasing
level of difficulty to explore with most scopes. Although some
may have questioned Charles A. Wood's choice of the 100 features,
nonetheless its still an interesting project to tick off all 100 features
listed on the card. The first item on the list is 1) The Moon!
This should be an easy target to start with, 1 down....99 to go
For a complete list, click here.

I got my first experience of the DeepMap600 was about 10 years
ago but lost the map. Finally ordered another one and this is a
revised edition, have no idea where's the revision but it sure
bring back memories of those starhopping days. Great map by
Wil Tirion, very easy to use as its all in one map when unfolded,
but for those in the southern hemisphere, the DeepMap600 only
shows stars to -60 degree declination. Waterproof plastic so dew
is not a problem, can be use as a scope cover if you're taking a break..

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